If you are currently in the market to sell your home or possibly thinking about selling your home, then the next thought on your mind is…cleaning. The biggest task of getting your home ready to sell, is to thoroughly clean it. Who wants all those chemical smells lingering in their homes after all? Nobody wants to walk into a home and smell a multitude of chemicals. There is a solution, to use natural remedies!

In fact, hydrogen peroxide is a household staple in most homes, and guess what? It makes the perfect household cleaner!

There are so many uses for hydrogen peroxide—especially as a home cleaning solution. Right up there with other eco-friendly scrubbers such as baking soda and white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide is a must-have for any home’s green cleaning arsenal.

It’s a powerful and natural disinfectant, ideal for cleaning many common household surfaces. “And it’s way safer to use than bleach because it does not have the same chemical qualities that irritate eyes, lungs, nose, and skin,” says Jane Wilson from Fantastic Cleaners in Melbourne, Australia.

It’s also antimicrobial and does a dynamo job at killing germs, mildew, and foul odor. That’s not too shabby for a product that can be bought at your local drug store.


*Information posted by realtor.com