Are you thinking of selling your home? Often times there are some projects that need to be done in order to get your house in the optimum shape to sell. It could be termite damage and water leaks or it might be something on a smaller scale that you can take care of easily and while not having to spend a lot. Buyers are very concerned with the appearance of any potential property and the first impression they get, is when they pull up. Aesthetic is such an important part of getting your home sold quickly and for the best price! That means both the inside AND the outside should be taken care of. Here is a list of some simple projects you can do that’ll help bring the best price for your property. I take my clients through their homes and help guide them in the areas where their time and energy will be best spent fixing up; but anything you can take care of prior will save us time when you are prepared to sell. With over a decade of experience, I know what buyers are looking for and what turns them away. Have any questions or concerns about your home projects? Please feel free to get into contact with me!

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