New Burger Spot Hits Temecula!

 logoOne thing we all know is that the city of Temecula is in no short supply of great places to eat. You can get just about anything you want at almost any time. Within the city limits there are the big restaurant chains that everyone across the country knows and loves where you are guaranteed a menu of perfected items; but you can also get a taste of the smaller, more mom and pop style places that can quickly become your favorite hidden gem. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you are sure to find something delicious to munch on no matter where you go. So it might be safe to say that when it comes to restaurants, Temecula does not disappoint. This statement became more true with the opening of the brand new Burger Lounge earlier this year.

The San Diego based burger chain opened it’s newest location in the Trader Joe’s shopping center on Winchester Rd and took residence in the previously owned Starbucks building. While the parking in that center can be a nightmare, your bubbling read more