Should I Sell My House? How to Tell If the Time Is Right

Should I sell my house? No matter how many fond memories you’ve accumulated in your home, there may come a time when you start wondering. Maybe it’s because your local real estate market is booming and you stand to score a sweet payout. read more

FSBO Risks: 4 Scary Scenarios ‘For Sale by Owner’ Home Sellers Face


Going the “For Sale by Owner” route is a tempting alternative to hiring a real estate agent to sell your home. After all, listing agents charge a commission for their work that can eat into your own profits. So why not try to read more

Why Have Interest Rates Jumped to a 7-Year High?


After plateauing in recent weeks, mortgage rates reversed course and reached a new high last seen seven years ago.

The 30-year fixed mortgage rate edged up to 4.61%, which matches the highest level since May 19, 2011. Interest rates for a 30-year read more

Don’t Wait to Sell Your House! Buyers Are Out Now


Recently released data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) suggests that now is a great time to sell your home. The concept of ‘supply & demand’ reveals that the best price for an item is realized when the read more