Many of our clients spend countless hours driving around neighborhoods looking for homes for sale. They also spend hours on mobile apps searching for homes, only to find out the information is out of date. We invite you to use our concierge services. We’ll do the homework for you and find homes currently on the market that match your criteria. We can schedule home showings once we identify the neighborhood, type of home and price range that works with your financing options. This time saving approach puts you inline to submit offers on active homes in today’s competitive market. You’ll be well represented and kept up to date on all matters relating to your home search. Sound like a better approach?

Let’s take care of the basics first.


Once your financing requirements have been identified and secured by a lender, we’ll be able to match your financing to homes available on the market. Loan programs can often determine the types of homes that qualify as a good match for your financing.


Neighborhoods are usually identified by price range when shopping for a home. Other factors such as schools, shopping, recreation, public transportation and freeway access can also determine neighborhoods to consider on the short list. Take the time to identify these parameters to identify the best matches to your financing.


One story or two? Two or three car garage? Is backyard entertaining a consideration? As you can see, there are usually many lifestyle questions that need to be understood before home showing appointments can be made in the neighborhoods identified as a good fit. Understanding these factors lead to a great home shopping experience.