Valentine’s Day for those in relationships can be exciting, and full of love, but it can also invoke a range of emotions in singles and couples alike—whether it’s anger over the commercialized nature of the holiday, fear of a shrinking wallet in an attempt to live up to a date’s expectations, sadness over a lost relationship, or dread over spending the day alone, being pitied by your married friends.

Instead of hiding under your covers in terrified anticipation of this holiday, execute your own memorable day of love, by learning to love yourself. Loving yourself allows you to love those around you.

Self-love is about total acceptance. It’s about deeply caring for yourself and your happiness. It’s about loving yourself at this very moment and every moment, unconditionally. With small steps you will move forward and start loving that fabulous person looking back at you in the mirror!

Here are a few ways you can love yourself:

Change Your Thoughts — Our thoughts are important, they create our reality. Start focusing on things that you can do, things that you want to happen in your life. The more positive energy you put out there the more positive things will start to materialize.

Start a regular practice — a brisk walk alone, exercise, meditation, yoga, or a gratitude journal are all great tools. Not only do they provide “me time”, but also, these practices allow you to connect more deeply with yourself. The more you are able to connect with yourself the more self-healing continues to happen.

Self-care — Don’t skimp on your own well-being. Start by ensuring you are exercising a few times a week or walking daily. Make sure you start your day with a heart-healthy meal. Ensure you are nourishing your body with healthy foods to give you energy. A well-cared for body and mind, is a happy body and mind. Your thoughts will be clearer, and your moods will boost with positive energy knowing you are taking good care of yourself.

Treat yourself — take yourself out for a nice dinner, a day/afternoon at the spa, an afternoon cup of tea or do something that you really enjoy. The important thing is making time in your day to do something special for yourself and to focus on not feeling remotely guilty about putting your iPhone on silent and spending time on YOU.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, whether you have a sweetheart to share it with or are spending it solo, do something for yourself that encourages you to get to know yourself better, to take care of yourself and to fall in love with yourself again. After all, your happiness starts with the best version of you.


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This Valentine’s Day – fall in love with YOURSELF