steam oven

Steam Ovens

One of this years more popular and unique forms of cooking is steam cooking and many home builders are making sure to implement areas for this type of machinery. The magic of the steam oven is that it cooks the food through the use of, you guessed it, steam. This way of cooking helps seal in the moisture better than if the food was cooked through a conventional oven. In addition to more moisture, the steam cooking method also allows food to retain more vitamins and minerals than if it was boiled. There are different versions of steam ovens, some have compartments for the user to add water while others have water lines built directly into them for more convenience.

touch open cabinets

Touch Open Cabinets

While you’re cooking, do you ever need to get into a cabinet or drawer with full or messy hands? Problem solved. One of the latest additions to high end kitchens are touch open cabinets. In addition to the overall simplicity of giving a slight push and the cabinet swinging forward, the look is also sleeker. Since you don’t have to pull the drawer or cabinet open, there is no need for any handles or notches. You might be surprised how upscale and finished your kitchen looks without a single cabinet handle in sight.


Designer Pantries

Traditionally we think of pantries as a separate area of the kitchen with shelving that is lined with food and not a lot of room for anything else. Up scale kitchens are roaring with designer pantries which are becoming much more than a place to store your cans. Pantries are being designed with much more space in order to accommodate additional things such as sinks, coffee making areas, cutting boards, food prep accommodations, and so on. However, just because the pantries are much bigger doesn’t mean it needs to be more noticeable. Some home owners are having these functional pantries become flush with the wall or making the entrance look like another set of cabinets. A pantry door can be as fun, decorative, or secretive as you like it.


Refrigerated Drawers

It’s as simple as it sounds. It’s a drawer and it is refrigerated. However, just because the design is simple, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make your life a whole lot easier. Now there is no need to cram the fridge full of food and stack things on top of each other just to find space. These drawers can add a lot of crucial storage space for everyday life as well as parties, holidays, and other special occasions. Plus, it is a great way to keep your food organized. Also, the look of the drawer is no different than any other cabinet in your kitchen. All of the added storage without the added bulk.