Many home builders are making the effort to serve our military and veterans across the nation.  The most creative efforts have been by those builders where there is a vast military population.  They include free upgrades, assistance with closing costs, providing Green housing and modern developments for wounded veterans. But while our veterans appreciate the benefits, most importantly, they want a reputable and honest company…one with family values and integrity.

Building for America’s Bravest is one of several programs that build adaptive homes for our most severely injured soldiers returning home.  Each home is designed for the unique needs of each individual.  They are SMART, energy efficient, automated and help our wounded warriors’ live better, more independent lives.  Other programs include Veterans Build (Habitat for Humanity), Operation Finally Home and Homes for our Troops to name a few.  Plus Chase Bank has promised to provide 1,000 mortgage-free homes to needy vets over the next five years through not-for-profit affiliates.

Additionally, veterans are a critical part of the talent and leadership in the home building industry nationwide.  Especially in residential construction where there is a shortage of skilled crew workers, veterans are a valued resource for talent.  Many companies are working with the NAHB to onboard vets into home building organizations, on job sites and in offices nationwide.

The Census Bureau provided an interesting statistic showing that veterans provide an ongoing role in our communities and culture, both during and beyond their term of service.


According to the latest statistics from the Survey of Business Owners, 2.5 million businesses in the United States were veteran-owned in 2012. These accounted for 9.2 percent of all firms in the nation. The proportion of total firms that were veteran-owned in each state ranged from 6.9 percent to 13.2 percent, with New York having one of the lowest rates and South Carolina having one of the highest rates.”


Kudos to those home builders for serving those who serve our country!