Father’s Day coincides with the start of DIY season and outdoor season. So, if you’re a tiny bit late to the Father’s Day shopping game, think of this not just as last-minute gift inspiration, but an evergreen list for every home improvement enthusiast, aspirational landscaper and self-appointed DIY project manager in your life (including yourself). Long may handy folks continue to share their tools and expertise with family, friends and folks around the neighborhood.

Husqvarna’s Automower

Riding lawn mowers are a cliché from last generation – a useful one, to be sure, but even if you’re riding instead of pushing a mower, it’s still hot, sweaty work. So when this weirdly cute and sturdy little guy rolled into my inbox – looking like a cross between a Roomba, a sci-fi hovercraft and an industrial trashcan – of course I had to add it. Battery powered and smart phone-controlled, the robotic lawn mower is definitely the next evolution of lawn care – available at Super-Sod stores in the Southeastern states.

Price range:  $1,599-$3,500

VorMax Plus Self-Cleaning Toilet

If a man’s home is his castle, then well, we all know what the toilet is. And yet, the throne’s upkeep is a regular, wretched chore that nobody ever wants to handle. Housing products leader American Standard blesses the loo with some brilliant product innovation here, in partnership with Lysol. Meet the VorMax Plus, a toilet that cleans itself with every flush. It doesn’t entirely eliminate toilet scrubbing from the chore list, but thanks to innovative bowl design, the Lysol FreshInfuse system and a high-scoring high-efficiency flush, owners no longer have to worry about it constantly.

Price range: $325-$544

Annovi Reverberi Power Washer

If you’re unfamiliar with the hypnotic, precise and deadly qualities of the power washer, please observe this video – and note that there is an entire little section of YouTube dedicated to pressure washing’s finest moments. Compact and versatile, the power washer can be used to clean driveways, decks, cars, outdoor furniture, boats, and much of the exterior of your home (not including windows and roofs – they’re too sensitive for so much force). At 1400 PSI, this electric-powered model, available at Restoration Hardware, gets most jobs done, but isn’t as loud or dangerously forceful as gas-powered models usually are. With a 20-foot hose and 35-foot-long power cord, it’s got plenty of reach. And the price is right.

Price: $130

Bio-Shield Ultraviolet-C Lamp Fixture

Not only is it the middle of pollen season, but with the rainy weather and flooding that many regions have received, mold is going to be intense. And yes, you should be nervous about it. While this germicidal lamp fixture for the HVAC system will not replace a hay fever prescription or kill mold where it grows, it does kill micro-organisms before they can be distributed across the air supply in the house. It goes into the main box of the HVAC system, where the lamp portion emits UV C-type light waves into the airstream to zap invisible microbes. It looks like a light saber, works like a disinfectant, and improves air quality without even needing Jedi handling.

Price: $115.99

Scepter SmartControl Fuel Cans

It’s an unwritten rule that every garage and tool shed must be equipped with a few large-ish square-ish red plastic containers of gasoline – probably shiny with spillage – sitting right next to the toolbox. The attending fumes hang heavy in the air, creating that unmistakable eau de DIY.

Modern updates minimize the smell and the spillage – not just for convenience, but also to spare those of us who are prone to gasoline headaches. The latest product launch from Scepter has a sturdy, shiny and precise spout that implies nary a teaspoon of fuel will be wasted, either in transport or while pouring.

Price range: $19.99-$60

Pit Boss Pellet Grills

A Father’s Day Gift Guide wouldn’t be complete without some mention of a best-in-class grill – so here’s one that definitely isn’t for beginners or nervous grill cooks. Though Pit Boss makes charcoal and gas grills, the brand is mainly known for its multi-purpose wood pellet-fueled grills that BBQ, braise, smoke and more. The average price is $400, and some models cost significantly more.

The Pit Boss is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle. The devoted community around #PitbossNation is a non-stop social media-powered forum for that grilling lifestyle. And this is very much a foodie community. Recent group discussions on one Pit Boss Facebook group include “How long to wait to cut pork ribs after taking them off the Boss?” and “Has anyone ever used cheesecloth before?”

Price range: $399-$699

*Information provided by Forbes.com