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Libraries have always been a great way to find activities to entertain everyone from children to seniors. With the advancement of technology and literature, libraries have had immense growth in terms of resources and events. Classes, workshops, events and scheduled meetings vary from library to library but there should always be a resource for you to look up, whether in print or online, in order to establish the perfect course for yourself. Within the borders of Menifee as well as the surrounding areas there are a number of libraries to choose from and experience. Below are a list of the libraries in your area.


Menifee                                                                                                               Murrieta

Paloma Valley Library                                                                                          Murrieta Public Library

Sun City Library



               Temecula                                                                                                           Lake Elsinore           

Grace Mellman Community Library                                                                                      Lake Elsinore Library

Temecula Public Library                                                                                                   Lakeside Library




Make sure to stop by your local library to take part in one of the many areas of knowledge that consist of culture, art, writing, and technology that is offered. To find the library in your area click here.