Storm Baseball is a AAA professional baseball organization that is conveniently located in Lake Elsinore, CA. If you’re looking for the perfect treat for the entire family than look no further than The Storm. In addition to family fun, the Storm Stadium also accommodates company functions, religious organizations, youth team celebrations, and various other activities as shown in the video above. Whether you (and your group) are looking for down and dirty fun or sophisticated elegance, the Storm staff makes sure the get every detail down perfect.

When most people think about a baseball game they think of expensive tickets, far away parking, seats where you can hardly see the field, overpriced food and drinks, and overcrowded areas. The fans of The Storm, however, have very different opinions of what constitutes a good baseball game. Imagine enjoying a quick walk from the parking lot to the front entrance where you are greeted with impressive plant sculptures and friendly staff faces, stepping up to the ticket window you purchase your seat for a reasonable price and enter into the green gates to see the perfectly manicured field laid out before your eyes. Your seat that is close enough to read the player’s numbers and have no trouble finding the ball as it rips through the air. There are no “nose bleed” seats at The Storm Stadium. You buy delicious, affordable food and drinks for the whole family. The kids love watching the team mascot Thunder as he and his troupe of comical creatures interact with the crowd. The baseball game is exciting and filled with athletic catches, hits, and runs. You end the night with a firework show or some other entertainment. From there it’s just a quick trip home with very minimal traffic. The perfect outing.

Look here to view the official Lake Elsinore Storm website for tickets, game schedule, and more information.