As we all know, we are in the age of technology. Our computers, phones, televisions, and cars are all getting “smarter”. And now, more than ever, so can our homes! The best part of this technology is that not only does it make our lives easier, but it also adds aesthetic appeal. It seamlessly integrates into our decor and compliments our styling tastes rather than stick out like a sore thumb. The thick line between decoration and appliance is blurred to create a revolutionary new area of “smart” decor. Below are some of my favorite home tech pieces to look for in 2016!

  • Backsplash Display Screen:

kitchen backsplash

Picture it…reading the recipe, hands-free, while you cook…watching a cooking show and following along with the steps…taking a video call while your hands are full of food. The potential is amazing. Set it to whatever you want! You no longer have to worry about your printed recipe getting dirty or torn, your computer and phone can be safely tucked away from potential sauce spills. Use your hands for cooking while still being immersed in technology!

  • Remotely Controlled Window Blinds

window blinds

Gone are the days of actively opening and closing the blinds when you need more or less light. Remotely controlled (some from your cellphone) and easy to use. Schedule timers to open and close throughout the day to match your mood and help conserve home energy costs.

  • Decorative Air Purifiers

air purifier

Something that improves your health AND looks like an art piece? Yes please! The one pictured above is made with NASA technology to filter out bacteria, viruses, and spores from the air. With its sleek design and pop of color, it looks more like modern art than a clunky machine. With companies making varying shapes, sizes, and colors you’re sure to find one that fits perfectly in your home.

  • Electric Plug Plates

plug plate

Sleekly designed to be functional as well as stylish.  Also, the best part is when you’re not using them, you can push it back into the wall and be able to use the space. Customizable (of course) to be able to stand out or blend in depending on your style!

  • Unconventional Speakers


Wireless and uniquely designed…these aren’t your grandpa’s speakers! Any music, no matter how beautiful, that comes out of those large, metal speakers doesn’t seem to sound quite as good. These speakers are new to the scene and help to complete the feel of your home. Get the right ones to fit the theme of the room, there are plenty of options out there. Wireless connections allow you to play with placement so you don’t have to worry about how far the cord will reach or rearranging furniture to get your speakers to fit.

  • Towel Warmer

towel warmer

“Those have been around for some time now, I thought this was about 2016 technology”, you might say. Towel warmers are not a new technology, but they have been reborn! These warmers aren’t metal racks or large radiator-esque appliances. Sleek, sophisticated, and spherical. Looks like modern pop wall art, feels great to use; what more can you ask for? Designed to be hung up off the floor to take up less space and keep your bathroom tidy.

What are some of the inventions that you want to see in your home this year?