Spring is here, and for many of us, the first thought that comes to mind, “it’s spring cleaning time!” Time to declutter those closets, purge those garages, and wipe down every surface inside the home. Spring cleaning also means a lot of cleaning supplies, and unfortunately, a lot of those cleaners are toxic. They are toxic to ourselves, our pets, and our environment. Luckily enough, you do not need to use these toxic cleaners because you can make your own. In fact, homemade cleaners are simple to make, and you may already have most of the ingredients in your home!

Here are a few reasons about why to use homemade cleaners:

  • Homemade cleaners are nontoxic and eco-friendly, helping reduce pollution to waterways and the air supply.
  • They are less costly than store-bought cleaners. Many of the main ingredients, such as baking soda and white vinegar, are inexpensive—and are most likely in your pantry or laundry room already.
  • Nontoxic homemade cleaners are safer for the entire family, including pets and people with allergies or sensitivities to chemicals.

“More and more clients are recognizing the benefits of using less toxic, more natural cleaning solutions in their homes,” says Anita Johnson, owner of Sunshine Housekeeping Services in Allentown, PA. “For some, the choice is in consideration of family members with allergies; for others, it’s a concern for the well-being of family pets.”

So which substances should you mix and match to clean? That depends on what you’re tackling. Here’s a full rundown on how to make homemade carpet cleaner, floor cleaner, and more.