The Holidays can be stressful all by themselves without throwing a move into the mix. Gift shopping, gift wrapping, parties, baking, etc all on top of our all ready hectic everyday life activities. Now, it’s not all stress, the holidays are also a time of love, laughter and spending some extra quality time with those we love but we’re pretty sure most of us would rather be in our cozy clothes, eating cookies with said love ones, rather than arguing about where that darn packing tape went again as we wrap up the dishes from the kitchen.

Moving during this season doesn’t have to be migraine inducing. Read on for some tips to help make your holiday move less Mr. Grinch (“hate, hate, hate, LOATHE entirely!”) and more Buddy the Elf (“Smiling’s my favorite!”).

1. Donate, Donate, Donate

Packing your things also allows you to discover the items in your home that you no longer deem necessary or no longer want. This is the prefect time to donate to those in need. Gently used household goods, warm clothing and toys are in high demand this time of year. Many places will even come to you and pick everything up. It’s a feel good, win-win situation for all involved.

2. Pack the Holiday Decor Last

A new home often looks a bit sad, and messy, during and after moving in. Put those garlands and cute knick-knacks in one of your last boxes and you’ll be able to give your new home a quick, cheery look thats’s sure to brighten your mood.

3. Recycle and Reuse

So much of our holiday shopping is done online and you know what that means? Boxes! So.Many.Boxes. This is the perfect opportunity to put those packages to (re)use. And not just yours; ask your friends, family, and neighbors. It’s eco and wallet friendly.

4. Keep Gifts to a Minimum

With all the gifts we give and receive this time of year, when you’re moving it all accumulates into more things that have to be moved. You can request that friends and family wait until you have moved in before exchanging gifts to make that candle one less thing that has to fit in a box.

5. Two Birds, One Stone:

Use your annual holiday card to not only send season’s greetings, use it to let people know that you’ve moved. Including your new address saves you time and stationary. Checking two things at once off of that list feels so good doesn’t it?

6. A Gift For Yourself

If you can, hire a moving company. Sure it’s more expensive than buying your own packing tape, using the recycled boxes and bribing friends and family but it’s honestly worth it, especially this time of year. It will allow you to breathe a little easier and maybe actually unpack before the New Year.

7. Wheelin’ and Dealin’

This last tip ties into the previous: ask for a holiday discount. The worst they can say is no and the best just saved you some money! The holidays are usually a slower time for moving companies so they may be more eager to get your business and to work with your budget.

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