(picture from menifee24/7.com)

There’s nothing better than giving. To see the joy as a loved one opens a gift that was bought and given with love (and happens to be exactly what they wanted). This time of year it’s easy to get caught up with trying to do better/more than last Christmas, to get the latest and greatest toy of the season and it’s also easy to forget that while we are out doing this, there are many parents/guardians who cannot. In turn, it equals out to a lot of children not getting anything for Christmas. In cases like this, the 15th annual ‘Shop with a Firefighter’ event has been a shining light and was a heart warming event to witness this past Sunday morning at the local Menifee Target Store.

As a long line of firetrucks was parked outside, inside the store each eager child was paired with an equally eager firefighter who took them around the store, carts ablaze, on a holiday shopping spree. They were able to buy necessity items such as school supplies and clothing, and they even had some room in the budget for something they wanted.

There’s a lot of bad in the world, at least that’s what we tend to see if we watch the news or open up an article online. But that’s because it’s what most of our media focuses on. If we only put as much effort into sharing the good, we’d all be amazed at just how much there is. Not only by the amount, but also by how close it is to home.

*Information provided by menifee24/7.com