Kitchen updates are usually one of the biggest time and money eaters in terms of home renovations. While not everyone can afford the energy, time, and budget that a large scale renovation might take, there are easy ways to spruce up your kitchen to give it a whole new feel.  Here are a few kitchen update ideas that are easy on your wallet and only take a day to complete!

Back Splash

Adding a back splash can really add character and life to an otherwise plain area. This is such a great opportunity to explore different textures, colors, and finishes that give your kitchen a unique look. You can plaster tiles onto your walls or use peel and stick tiles for a much simpler solution. These peel and stick tiles look just like expensive tiles but are a fraction of the cost and mess. First you need to wash down your walls so the tiles hold firmly to the wall and then take the electric plates off for a clean finished product. Once the walls are prepared, make sure to lay out your design so that it is centered and you don’t end up having any gaps or misplaced designs. A tip for laying out the design and cutting the tiles to fit is to label what cut tile goes where so that even if they get scattered, you can still find it’s spot on the wall.

Modern Cabinetry Handles

This is another great way to get a completely different look into your kitchen. To keep the process light and easy, make sure to get new handles that match the screw placement of the handles that are currently on your cabinetry. This way, you don’t have to add new holes/ fill old ones up! This is a fairly low maintenance project because you are simply taking off the old and putting up the new. It’s easy, but it yields beautiful results.

Updated Faucet Fixture

It’s amazing what replacing an old or out of date faucet can do to modernize the whole space. Giving your sink a modern twist with a great faucet is the perfect way to put some personality into your kitchen. When looking for a new fixture it’s important to pick a faucet that will match with your existing sink. It’s ok for your sink to have more holes than your faucet, but not the other way around. You can always hide any open areas with a cover plate. Once you find your favorite faucet, the rest is pretty easy. Make sure to turn off your water first before unscrewing anything! Once your old faucet is out, simply put your new fixture in and connect the water.

With just these simple updates, your kitchen will feel more modern and be more of a reflection of you. Have any other ideas about revamping your space? Make sure to send them along, I’d love to hear them!