Unique Backsplash

Whether it is putting up a beautiful metal (like copper) or utilizing a fun & funky pattern, this is one area of your kitchen that doesn’t have to be an expensive addition in order to make a huge difference! Use sleek metals for a polished, modern look or incorporate a geometric tile to liven up your space without introducing clutter. The area behind your range is your place to get creative and add an updated, unique touch to your kitchen without burdening yourself with a big remodel.


Furniture Legs on Your Island

This is a functional update! You still get the awesome counter space, but you can also slide some stools or tall chairs underneath for additional seating. If you don’t want to take out any of your underneath storage, consider extending the entire island and throwing on some legs as a base.

Wood Hood When You Want Metal

Remodels and upgrades can be incredibly expensive, that is especially true when it comes to the kitchen so it is always great to have budget-friendly options. If you want a wood hood but can’t afford to get one (or would rather spend the money elsewhere), get a wood one and then hire a professional painter to make it look like metal. Are you artsy? Cut out the painter and do it yourself!

“Disappearing” Shelves

One design approach to make a small area appear to have more space is to paint your exposed shelves the same color as the wall behind them. *TIP* Have the color of the dishes on your shelves be in contrast to your wall color to set off strong statement. It can also be a good way to offset statement elements like a large island or bold backsplash.

Marble (Wrapped) Island

Marble countertops are gorgeous pieces to add to your kitchen, but those are popping up everywhere. Set your space apart and wrap you island in marble! It makes a dramatic statement and can really modernize the look of your kitchen. As a budget-friendly alternative, you can purchase some marble-effect contact paper. If done right and taken care of, it can look like the real thing! (Although if you decide to sell your home, you can’t claim your island is actually made of marble, unfortunately)