The good news is there are just a few for you as the builder has done a mountain of work to research and produce the product!

The builder has much to consider in this process:

  • Land acquisition and zoning compliance issues
  • Land and materials expenses
  • Liability insurance
  • Utility connections
  • Water availability and connections
  • Driveways & sidewalks
  • Landscaping for the home and the community
  • Community amenities-Tot lots, tennis courts, pools, clubhouses, etc.
  • Roads & streets
  • Subcontractor, labor and on site hiring
  • Inspection, permits-county and federal compliances
  • Green materials
  • Factoring any delays in building due to weather or natural challenges.

As you can see the builder has this and more in the construction process and all of the costs are considerations in the pricing of the new construction home.

For the buyer of a new construction home the process is much easier!

Know Your Floor Plans and Your Builder

CONTACT YOUR REALTOR and work with them on selecting a floor plan and a builder. The right builders will have a breadth of floor plans to choose from. These floor plans will determine the size, style, quality, and features you desire in your new home and will be the baseline for your new home purchase.

The builder you choose should be one who routinely constructs new homes that are comparable in size, style, quality, and features to the new home you would like to own.

Get an Idea of What Your New Construction home will be.

Size, style, quality, and features in your area and new home is your starting point.

Know What Style, Quality, and Features are allowed and available.

It’s not all about size.!  Style, quality, and features must not be overlooked when selecting your new home construction home.

The process of these considerations is what your Realtor works with you on. They help you in sticking to your budget, saving you time, guidance on documentation and keeping you informed in the process –

“A life styled for success!”

There are two key factors other than the price that you should consider.

  • Style refers to the architecture of the new home. Homes that are square or rectangular, two-story versus a one-story homes.
  • Features refer to design considerations, such as flooring, cabinetry, upgrades, lot positioning/exposure and view amenity.

Each of these can have an effect on the price of your new home.

Consult your Realtor in this process.

 Be Proactive-partner with your Realtor!

Working with your Realtor in an area you can afford with the style, quality, and features that will fit your finances as well as your life style is critical!

The time saved for you in allowing your Realtor to review, guide and work with the seller – the Builder – is priceless and well worth it!